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Our Mission Statement: The entire purpose of Gospel Ministries Inc. is to make disciples for JESUS the CHRIST, our LORD and Savior. We desire to teach men and women, boys and girls to observe all things that CHRIST has commanded HIS disciples to do. We believe that JESUS CHRIST is the only begotten SON of GOD the FATHER, was conceived by the HOLY SPIRIT of GOD and was born of the virgin Mary. JESUS lived a perfectly sinless life among men as a man, and was crucified for man's sin as a redemption price for man. JESUS arose alive from the grave of death on the third day as was prophesied, and HE ascended to Heaven were HE was seated at the right hand of GOD the FATHER to make intercession for all who believe in HIM and obey all that HE has commanded man to do. JESUS the CHRIST is GOD and LORD in the flesh of man, and will again come back to earth to rapture away the Church. HE will take the faithful saints who endure until the end back to heaven with HIM until the New Jerusalem in Heaven descends to earth at the end of the millennium. On a newly restored earth, the redeemed of GOD shall evermore be with our LORD and Savior JESUS CHRIST. Gospel Ministries Inc. desires that you will find the peace and rest in JESUS CHRIST that we have found.




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